Lifestyle Learning

Work-Out English

Our students are using a lot of our modules as their choice of listening when they are in the gym, going for a run or even going for a swim. You'll find this a great time to get some study in. Our specially designed Muscle Memory Modules are a very effective way of following up on a lesson by helping you to practice key phrases that are essential in many aspects of English usage.

Muscle Memory Learning

An age-old approach of helping language students improve their performance is a technique known as choral drilling. This powerful old-school process is now seeing a new re-birth in online learning. 

Choral drilling is the language version of 'repeat until perfect' method that you see in physical sports such as martial arts, gymnastics, etc.
This is what helps jump your level of language production several levels in terms of lexical and grammatical accuracy and fluency. 

In other words, this will make your English level better, stronger, faster. If you feel a little nervous about speaking and writing in English, this will 

  • Improve Your Fluency
  • Improve Your Accuracy
  • Improve Your Lexical Resource
  • Improve Your Confidence

Essay Writing Skills

Essay writing skills are a huge focus for many of our students and they need to master the skill of using key phrases for developing points, giving opinions, etc.

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Irregular Verbs

Students need to master certain grammar issues that are a barrier to good speaking and writing. This example of our module on irregular verbs and their correct forms shows you how this helps students improve their language usage.

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Speaking Test Skills

Exams such as FCE,  CAE and IELTS require students to show their speaking skills. Issues such as fluency, accuracy and pronunciation are all critical to achieving a good result and students need support to give the best performance they can.  

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