Saturdays are full of Fun! Early start from your residence,onto the bus and off we go. Quick departure directly from the residence and it's  2 hours of chatting, flirting and  good conversation. As you enter Dublin, the handout goes around and the cultural overview begins.

Culture and Shopping

One you arrive in Dublin, there'll be some cultural time. A tour of the city - possibly from the bus if the weather is bad or if the group prefers to see the capital from the comfort of their coach. 

Shopping & Free Time

Shopping and free time is punctuated by the linking up with the group leader to confirm that everything is ok and the students are having a good time and are safe.

Lunch in The Park

Lunch is usually had in St Stephen's Green which is a green leafy park in the centre of the city.  More shopping and then finally at about 15:30, the group makes their way to the coach. And everybody heads home.